STRVYN Inc. is an Impact Development Holdings Corporation that is committed to creating smart, healthy, functioning, growing, and evolving cities. This will improve upon our current civilities and their conveniences, and much more for all those who call them “home.”

We have developed, and will develop subsidiary companies, brands, and projects that focus on solving specific problems that will, in concert, overlap and integrate weaving a new structure and framework to take our current cities into the 21st Century and beyond.

Our Goal is to improve the human experience, and proliferate a harmonious and sustainable urban civilization by building the foundation which our future will grow from.

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What does ‘STRVYN’ mean?


The word STRVYN is the phonetic spelling of the word ‘striven,‘ which is the past participle (something that started in the past, but continues to the present) of ‘to strive’. To strive is to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something, such as a goal.



How does ‘STRVYN’ operate?


STRVYN believes in a new form of capitalism, called Conscious Capitalism. Much like a ‘B Corporation,’ our bottom line will be for People, Profit, and Planet, but we operate this way from inception to “do good” for our communities without the title of a ‘B Corp.’



What good will ‘STRVYN’ do?


Half of our proceeds will directly go to fund Social Impact, by creating jobs, opportunities, community projects and programs. We are focusing on People, Planet, and Profit.


For People, by funding and subsidizing community social engagement projects,
minority startups, and public work for better infrastructure, policy, reform, etc.

For Planet, by funding projects for sustainability,
clean energy, the best transportation, etc, etc, in cities.


For Profit, to reward our investors, and to provide a stronger
economic engine
for Wellvyl’s Social Wellness Mission.





What would our cities look like had Walt Disney
had built the EPCOT he originally dreamt?


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