.STRVYN INC is an Impact Development Holdings Corporation that is committed to developing and creating smart, healthy, functioning, growing, and evolving communities for a better human experience.

Our aim is to improve upon our current civilities and their conveniences, while working with all communities for shared equity and diversity of possibilities, and much more for everyone who call these places “home.”

We have developed, and will develop subsidiary companies, brands, and projects that focus on solving specific problems that will, in concert, overlap and integrate weaving a new structure and framework to take our society into the 21st Century.

Our goal is ensure that kindness is at the forefront as we grow as human beings with technologies and devices and continue in an “net positive” direction in the future while making sure we treat everything and everyone humanely.

We see a future were everyone not only has access to self-care (healthcare, sick-care, fitness, wellness, etc.), but also have the time to access it and live peacefully.

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