What is STRVYN?

‘Striven’ is the past participle – something that started in the past, but continues to the present – of ‘to strive’. To strive is to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something, such as a goal. Health is an ongoing journey or goal – one that requires motivation, inspiration and consistency. STRVYN, the Health & Lifestyle company, offers the support system to keep health at the forefront of your mind.

Good Health comes from a combination of: exercise and recovery; diet and nutrition; natural, herbal and pharmaceutical medicines; religious, spiritual and scientific philosophies; allopathic, naturopathic, homeopathic, integrated and holistic practices; and professional, familial, friendly, social and romantic relationships. Good Health is Balance.

Our Philosophy

To be STRVYN is to ‘Live Health.’ To make daily choices that empower you. To attack life proactively. To embody health through your lifestyle. To look better. To feel better. To be better.

STRVYN’s goal is to help you Live Health comprehensively and thereby improve your overall quality of life. STRVYN will empower you to Live Health by way of Preventative, Comprehensive and Social Wellness practices.

To empower you, STRVYN will provide products, services and experiences designed to account for what truly motivates you – all to help you live a more successful and enriched life. We will create a culture that speaks to those of you who are interested in a different conversation about health, lifestyle, and social relationships. The culture of STRVYN is a mindset that is designed for the ‘Achiever/Striver.’ The STRVYN person is a Striver interested in developing community, engaging in activities and events, holistically learning and exploring social connections – all within the context of a healthy lifestyle.