What is wellvyl?

There is nothing more important than wellness, health and fitness. While we know health is wealth, there is nothing more challenging than staying motivated and maintaining a consistent, healthy discipline.


So how do we overcome this challenge?

First, we had to examine the human condition to understand what truly motivates us into action. What we discovered is that our social and desired peer groups have a big impact on the actions we take in life. We also discovered that only certain types of people do well in gyms, working in isolation – at most gyms people typically do not connect.

From this understanding, we began to build…

Introducing wellvyl, a health and wellness community meets social club, where members attend daylife and nightlife health, fitness, and wellness events with the aim of connecting people to their deep social motivations. So whether your motivation is to get your butt in gear, find a romantic connection, meet a buddy to push you, discover a zen environment to relax you, or career networking, wellvyl is your community, where harnessing your motivations will keep you well and fit.